Financial Freedom


10 Ways Rich People Think Differently About Money.


Most of us believe rich people are lucky or dishonest. It doesn't occur to us that they deliberately planned to get rich and worked hard at it. Rich people see money as freedom and opportunity, not the root of all evil. Here are some other ways they're different from the rest of us (from "How Rich People Think" by Steve Siebold):


  1. Rich people see selfishness as a good thing. They don't feel bad about working to make themselves happy.
  2. While we wait for luck, the rich work hard to make good fortune happen.
  3. Instead of formal education, rich people acquire the specific knowledge and skills they need.
  4. While we long for "the good old days", rich people are confident enough to bet on a brighter future.
  5. We see money emotionally, but rich people see it logically. It's just a tool they use to reap a reward.
  6. While we suffer through jobs we hate, rich people follow their passion.
  7. We believe "you need money to make money". Rich people know how to use other people's money to make money.
  8. We live beyond our means, but rich people live below theirs (see cover story).
  9. While we'd rather be entertained, rich people prefer to learn.
  10. We focus on saving pennies, but rich people focus on earning big bucks!
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