The Arts Create Strong Communities...

There are many factors that make an area desirable from a livability standpoint.  Buyers often search out areas with parks, good schools, views, walkability and more.  These are all features that can increase a property’s value and make it desirable.  One feature that can make a community stand out is art.  This can be manifested in many ways from live music and theatre to public art displays, galleries and museums and more.  There are many forms of artistic expression that define certain neighbourhoods and areas and in turn can lead to greater Real Estate values.  Areas such as Commercial Drive and Gastown have strong art ties but you will find that most of the popular sub-areas of Greater Vancouver also have strong artistic elements.  Many of these artistic features are taken for granted but help set our city apart from others around the world. 


One of the best ways to keep the arts alive and well is to support youth art events. A past client and good friend, Valerie Methot, is the director and designer of a show called Webs We Weave that will be presented at the Round House at the end of the month. Please check it out!


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