Home Pricing

Buying wholesale is what everyone wants but the truth is, very few sellers are desperate.
Listen to the advice your REALTOR® has to offer. He/she can be a wealth of knowledge. After all, it is the realtors that are out in the real estate marketplace every day.
Some buyers think that the only way to barter to a fair price is to start very low. Most sellers have toiled countless hours on their homes and are gravely insulted that you think so little of it that you would dare to present to them a “low-ball”. Your reward will be a high counter offer or in the worst-case scenario, no counter at all.
If the property you are bidding on is obviously overpriced, perhaps you should look elsewhere and spare yourself the disappointment or wait until the owner reduces his price to reflect market value.

Market Snapshot and Home Values

Market Snapshot will enable buyers to view all the active and recently sold listings and compare all aspects of the listings enabling the Buyer to make a more educated and informed decision.
What is the supply of unsold homes in my neighborhood?
How fast are homes selling right now?
How do actual selling prices compare to list prices?
How do these trends affect my home worth?
In over thirty years and fourteen moves, Dale McGauran is simply the best REALTOR® we have ever encountered.
~Maureen and Dick Carter
"Dan is a consummate professional, a diplomat, a wonderfully friendly guy and a true expert in negotiations. Dan made our search a pleasure."
~M. Costanza & A. Duthie